This year has marked the 20th anniversary of Monica and me operating Endeavour Tours. On the 01 December 2000 we parked a minibus in the driveway of our recently rented house in Edwardstown.

We were continuing the tours established in 1986 by Geoff Gill, who had just retired. With very little money behind us, but supported by a wonderful group of loyal customers, we were able to slowly grow. Looking back it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come!

2020 has been such a difficult year that we abandoned the celebrations that we had intended to enjoy with you. Instead, we’re looking to make 2021 a year of celebration – culminating in December as Endeavour Tours turns 21. We hope you’ll enjoy the things we come up with over the year!

Thanks for all of your support, especially over this challenging year. We couldn’t have reached this fabulous milestone without the support of so many wonderful people who have chosen to travel with us!