Anlaby Station is a very special part of SA’s heritage. Located a little north of Kapunda, it was its own small town. Being such a long way (in those days) from Adelaide, Anlaby needed to cater for the needs of its substantial workforce. It would have been a remarkable place to experience in its heyday.

Today Anlaby Station is being nurtured once again, with its current owners putting extensive efforts and funds into restoring the property and its gardens. In 1904 there were fourteen gardeners working here! Over time the gardens were let go, but now the rewards of a large amount of effort are there to see. It’s more than just the garden – there are stalls, displays and more to enjoy.

This trip also includes some of the delights of the Clare Valley, making a very pleasant two days away. We are travelling from the 20th to the 21st of October, so why not come along and join us! To read the itinerary for this wonderful tour simply click here or call our office and we will send a copy.