In order to follow SA Health guidelines, a number of changes have been put in place temporarily.

Seating: With the latest guidelines from SA Health, only family and friends are permitted to sit next to each other, so please let us know if you are travelling with a friend. We also need to allocate seats, and each person will need to remain in their allocated seat all day. Due to these requirements we will not be able to reserve seat positions for any reason – we apologise for this.

On Holiday Tours we will rotate seating positions on a daily basis, using the method required by SA health. This means that, again, we are unable to reserve seats for any reason, and each person will need to remain in their allocated seats.

Healthy for Travel: Most importantly, you must be well on the day of travel – not even a sniffle. As always, there is no cancellation fee for our Day Tours so you won’t be out of pocket if you cancel last minute. Our new cancellation conditions for Holiday Tours also make it easier to cancel should you become unwell, with just a small administration fee of $100. Please see your itinerary for full details.

You are also welcome to bring your own hand sanitiser (sanitiser is available on board), and even a mask if you wish (not compulsory).

If you have a medical condition that causes cold or flu-like symptoms (for example, asthma may cause a persistent cough) a medical certificate from your doctor will be necessary for you to travel.

Day Tour Payment: We are also unable to accept cash on the bus for day tours, and appreciate prepayment for trips. Please let us know if this causes you any problems.

One final note: please no jokes on board about Covid. These are anxious times for many people, and now is a time to be sensitive about others. We appreciate your support.