In order to follow the guidelines from SA Health there are a number of changes we are putting in place for the time being.

Seating… In July all Day Tours are likely to operate in our 28 seat Holiday Tour coach. This will allow us to space seating – we’ll have just three people across each row of four seats. Only family and friends are permitted to sit next to each other, so please let us know if you are travelling with a friend. We will also need to allocate seats, and each person will need to remain in their allocated seat all day. Due to these requirements we will not be able to reserve seat positions for any reason – we apologise for this.

Morning Teas… Morning teas will be a bit different. Biscuits will be wrapped in individual servings, and we need to use disposable cups and stirrers. We are buying environmentally friendly cups and using wooden stirrers to restrict the amount of single-use plastic waste. You are welcome to bring your own cup, but we will not be able to clean it for you on tour.

Healthy for Travel… Most importantly, you must be well on the day of travel – not even a sniffle. As always, there is no cancellation fee for our Day Tours so you won’t be out of pocket if you cancel last minute. We are also changing our cancellation conditions for Holiday Tours to make it easier to cancel should you become unwell.

You are also welcome to bring your own hand sanitiser, and even a mask if you wish (masks are not compulsory).

Price Changes… Unfortunately all of the changes have made everything more expensive for all businesses, which means our tours will cost a little more. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to limit these increases.

We are also bringing in a few changes. For example, we are changing to a one-price-for-all system for Day Tours, which means removing the discount for two or more people joining the tour at one place.

We are also cancelling our Boomer’s Club, but we will be honouring all discount vouchers for current members.

For Holiday Tours we are bowing to the numerous comments that we feed people too much, and making our evening dinners on tour two courses.

Day Tour Payment… For the time being we are also unable to accept cash on the coach for Day Tours, and instead appreciate prepayment for trips. This can be done by credit card over the telephone, direct deposit into our account, cheque by post, or by visiting our office. We understand that this makes things less convenient. Unfortunately, the advice we have received is that this is appropriate to protect our Tour Drivers. If this causes you difficulties please give us a call – we’ll chat through all the options to make sure we can find something that suits you.

We hope you can appreciate the need for these changes – these really are unusual times! We very much appreciate your support.