Every year we join with Spirit Australia Cruises to put together a very special cruise on the Coorong – a trip that isn’t normally available to the public!

We figure that if you want to see the Coorong, you want to see as much as possible. The normal cruise offered to the public travels from Goolwa into the Coorong, and then back again. We do things differently.

Our special cruise heads one way, all the way from Goolwa to Long Point (our bus travels the long way around to collect us at the other end). By travelling one way we get to cruise through more of the Coorong, and travel further. That means that our four hour cruise in the Coorong gives us the very best experience of the area that we can arrange. This cruise is pretty special, which makes it a bit more expensive, and it’s a longer day, but it’s worth it!

This year our Coorong Cruise day tour is travelling on the 30th of August – we hope you can join us! We advise calling as soon as possible as these cruises often book out quickly.