In October we are again teaming up with Spirit of the Murray Cruises to offer a special long distance Murray cruise – all the way from Mildura to Renmark.

But wait: isn’t Mildura in Victoria, and isn’t Victoria closed because of Covid-19?

Yes, however there are plenty of reasons why this cruise can still easily go ahead. Lots can happen between now and October, and it is most likely Victoria will be clear and open by then.

If Victoria remains closed, we can access the Murray from New South Wales, and cruise from Buronga instead – just across the river from Mildura.

In fact, if Victoria is closed we can travel to Buronga without entering Victoria at all. We would travel the old road that remains north of the river from Renmark to Wentworth and Buronga.

Even though Victoria has recently had a large number of cases of Covid-19, these are almost entirely in Melbourne – and I don’t think there is anywhere in Victoria that is further from Melbourne than Mildura! In fact, Mildura is significantly closer to Adelaide than Melbourne! It’s been quite a long time since there have been any cases in Mildura. All in all, we are extremely confident that we can operate this trip along the Murray very safely.

So if you would like to explore a magnificent stretch of the Murray, this is the perfect time to enjoy it. We’ve had lots of interest already, so you’ll need to be quick to secure a spot. We would love to take you there! Call us to register your interest in receiving an itinerary.