The Murray River means so much to South Australians. After all, we rely on its water for drinking and irrigation, plus given its proximity to Adelaide we use its waters for recreation as well.

The Murray is a river with many personalities, given its long and arduous journey through Victoria, New South Wales and SA. So this tour takes us to two different Murray regions to experience their entirely different atmospheres.

On this holiday we first explore Mildura. Here the Murray is wide and relaxed, with open stretches of water creating a delightful holiday atmosphere. Of course, there’s only one way to really experience the Murray River, and that’s from a boat on its waters. In Mildura we join one of the local paddleboats.

Further upstream at Swan Hill the Murray changes completely. The river is narrower, and has more twists and turns than in the district around Mildura. The waters here aren’t affected by the weirs on the river downstream to the same extent either, so you could almost mistake it for a different river entirely. Again, we join a local paddleboat to venture out and enjoy the atmosphere of the waterway.

This holiday is coming up soon – we are travelling from March 19 to 23 for a delightful five day tour away. Call us today and we’ll have a detailed itinerary in the mail to you immediately.