One of our wonderful Tour Drivers, Celeste, is moving on from Endeavour.

Celeste is leaving us to work with her husband, Tim, who is a glass artist. We are sad to be losing Celeste, as she is a delightful and genuine person who is extremely well liked and regarded by both us, and those who have travelled with her. Celeste is a pleasure to work with, and we will miss her happy personality at Endeavour. However, we understand her need to move on, and we wish her all the very best for the future.


So, how do we replace someone as good as Celeste? It turns out we need two people to take her place! Brenton has already completed training and has taken a number of tours this month – many of you will have already met him. Tony is starting training very soon and will be taking tours in September.

We look forward to bringing you profiles of Brenton and Tony in future newsletters.