Port Lincoln is a beautiful city in a lovely location. It is also rich with fun things to do and see. If you haven’t yet taken our tour to this part of the Eyre Peninsula you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

Port Lincoln is well known for its tuna fleet. These large fishing boats and the hard work of the fishermen and women have created significant wealth for the city. We see the boats and some of the wealth created by them, and we discover the seafood industry and flavours as well. We are joined by a local guide for a tour of the city – it really is the best way to get the local knowledge and stories.

Another highlight of our trip here is our accommodation. As you may know, we like to stay in quality, comfortable accommodation that best meets the needs of our customers, and never skimp on accommodation just to save money – why not enjoy a little comfort and luxury when you’re on holiday!

In Port Lincoln we stay in the gorgeous Port Lincoln Hotel. This property is the best of its kind in the city and a wonderful place to stay. It’s right by the coast: if you wish to have a stroll on the beach in the morning or evening, just walk across the road (there’s even a zebra crossing) and you’re there!

Of course, there’s so much more to the tour than just these few highlights, and you owe it to yourself to have a read through the full itinerary. We would love to send you a copy, so please give us a call or simply click here. We’ll be travelling from November 14 to 19 – a great time of year to be there.