Have you ever visited the Gawler Ranges? Have you heard much about the area? It’s a fascinating region that most people know little about.

The Gawler Ranges area features some incredibly old and rugged landscapes. Over the ages these hills have worn down to reveal stunning and ancient rock formations. There are ‘organ pipe’ structures and more, but the rugged beauty of the area is what really draws people in.

There are also some unexpected stone monoliths in the area. Most people have heard of WAs Wave Rock, but don’t realise that there are similar surprising monoliths in the Gawler Ranges district.

This tour includes a day driving through the Gawler Ranges National Park, time exploring several of these stone monoliths, plus even a trip across to Streaky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula’s west coast.

This tour travels from April 26 to 30 (five days) and will take you off the beaten track to some hidden treasures. Don’t miss out!