We’ve had a huge response to our plan to give to the Hutt Street Centre from our Day Tour in December!

For everyone who travels on our December Day Tour we are donating $5 to the Hutt Street Centre. We are also offering to collect donations of food and other items from our customers! The Hutt Street Centre assist homeless people in Adelaide to survive, and provide a path out of homelessness.

If you wish to donate, you may like to purchase one of the following items during your regular shopping, and bring it along on our December Day Tour.  Consider non-perishable items like self-raising flour, sugar, spay oil, tomato paste, tins of tuna, jam, honey, cups of noodles, laundry supplies, sunscreen, deodorant, and shaving cream.

We’ll collect everything and deliver it to the Hutt Street Centre, along with our donation.

For more details on this tour, read the itinerary here.