Did you know that I can’t say that I have seen the Great Ocean Road?

Surprising, isn’t it? One of the most famous scenic ocean drives in Australia, quite close to us in Adelaide, features stunning scenery, and yet I haven’t really seen it! And I run a tour business! What’s wrong with me?

Yes, I’ve travelled the Great Ocean Road quite a number of times. I’ve taken Monica along it, I’ve driven my parents along it. I’ve even taken tours along the Great Ocean Road, in both directions, and every experience has been enjoyable. So I’ve had plenty of experience in travelling the Great Ocean Road, but I haven’t really seen it.

Do you know why?

It’s because I’ve always been driving. When you drive the Great Ocean Road, you can never take your attention off the task at hand. So that means I’ve never had the pleasure of sitting back and taking in all of the amazing sights, views and scenes of the Great Ocean Road that those who have travelled with me have enjoyed.

How many of you are in the same situation? I have lost count of how many blokes who say to me how much they enjoy tours because they never used to see anything on holiday before: they were always driving.

Alternatively there are the people who never used to experience places because their partners used to love driving…. but not stopping! That meant they travelled long distances around the country but never saw the places in between. They love our tours because they now enjoy discovering the places they missed.

If you would like to really see the Great Ocean Road, and not just travel it, your chance is coming up soon. We’re heading off that way again from August 23 to 28. Come and see what I’ve been missing out on! Read the detailed itinerary here.