Kangaroo Island is a special place, perhaps due to the fact that it is an island. Being separated from the mainland means it has its own identity. It retains a strong community feeling that has, to an extent, been lost here on the mainland.

It also has a much more relaxed pace. There are no traffic lights on Kangaroo Island, there’s no peak hour traffic, but there is plenty of wide open space and there are many hidden beauty spots.

Kangaroo Island is a lot bigger than many people expect – after all, it’s the third-largest island off mainland Australia, following Tasmania and Melville Island. If you drive from Cape Willoughby at the eastern end to Cape Borda at the western end along main roads you’ll travel more than 170 kilometres! From Stokes Bay on the north coast to Seal Bay on the south coast is 57 kilometres. So it’s not surprising that there’s no shortage of things to see and do!

One of the things that does surprise me about Kangaroo Island isn’t that there is so much untouched wilderness, such a variety of wildlife and scenery, so many gorgeous bays and beaches, or even that so many people from overseas visit the Island: it’s actually that so few people from Adelaide and SA actually get there!

I think one of the problems is that it isn’t very far away – it just doesn’t seem to make it worthwhile. The irony of this is, that when you’re on Kangaroo Island you actually feel like you’re a world away, and yet you haven’t had to travel forever to get there!

There’s no doubt that Kangaroo Island is special. It has huge areas kept as conservation parks. These parks contain not only important plant and animal species, but often stunning views, remarkable places like (ahem) Remarkable Rocks, and some fascinating reminders of the Island’s early colonial days.

So, if you have never seen Kangaroo Island, or haven’t been there for years, don’t miss out on a visit. There is so much to see, and it really feels like you are a world away from home.

The Kangaroo Island tour departs on September 7 – a superb time to be on the Island! Please call us on 8374 0800 for your detailed itinerary.