It’s been another topsy-turvy year, with borders opening and closing and lots of uncertainty. However, it seems that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. With 2022 shaping up to be a much better year, what predictions can we make?

Firstly, the key to everything getting better is vaccinations. As vaccination rates get higher and higher we can expect more opportunities to be available. At Endeavour we’ve been excited to get our vaccinations when they were made available to us, and we encourage you to do so as well.

We are planning a range of tours interstate in 2022. We’re looking forward to being able to go back to places like the Grampians, Mildura and Broken Hill. We also have great plans for tours to places further away, like Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. We expect that high rates of vaccination will allow us to operate these tours with confidence. It’s possible that vaccinations may be required in order to travel interstate next year, but that isn’t certain at this stage.

We are also making lots of bookings for the many amazing places in SA. We’re booking tours to Kangaroo Island, Pichi Richi, the Gawler Ranges, Port Lincoln and lots more. Keep an eye on these newsletters for the latest details as they are released.

As things are still changing quickly, it means our plans change too. So when we see that there are good, safe opportunities to travel to different locations, we’ll work quickly to bring those opportunities to you.