Each year I like to create a tour that I get to personally drive. I like to do something a little different, and certainly a little special.

In February 2021, I am taking a tour around the painted silos and public art of South Australia. There have been so many amazing silo projects completed, plus artworks on town water towers, murals on buildings and more. In fact, I’ve redesigned this trip a couple of times to include new projects that we discovered during our research!

On this trip you’ll see quite a variety of SA, plus we’ll also be seeing and doing things other than just the outdoor art. We’re travelling north to see the brand new silo art at Farrell Flat, the water tower at Snowtown, and the evening light show at Quorn. We’ll head on to the Eyre Peninsula to the amazing street art town of Tumby Bay – they hold regular events for artists and as a result have an incredible range of art to see. We’ll also see the new Whyalla Jetty lit up at night, and the light show on the Wallaroo silos too. And there’s still more included in the trip!

If you would like to come along with me on this exploration please give us a call in the office on 8374 0800. The itinerary is now available, and with the current seating restrictions this trip is likely to book out very quickly. We’ll be travelling in February, on either the 7th or the 17th.

I hope you’ll join me on this quite different tour!