If you haven’t been to Port Lincoln for a little while, I highly recommend taking our tour coming up in November.

I had the pleasure of a quick trip to Port Lincoln in August. The drive itself is an interesting one, with regular changes of scenery along the way. I enjoyed seeing the views across the gulf, and developments such as the Sundrop facility which produces tomatoes for around Australia using solar power to desalinate sea water. The waterfront at Port Augusta is looking great, and it is good to see Whyalla with so much optimism for the future. Driving down the eastern side of the Eyre Peninsula means visiting towns like Cowell and Tumby Bay – it’s a beautiful coastline!

Speaking of coastline, the drive alongside Boston Bay in Port Lincoln is magnificent. This city is located in such a delightful spot. I stayed the night in the accommodation we use on tour – the Port Lincoln Hotel. This modern property is perfectly located opposite the water, and being such a new facility the rooms are beautiful, and extremely comfortable.

While I was in Port Lincoln I popped out to Coffin Bay, because I find it one of the prettiest spots around. Despite its name, this spot has nothing whatsoever to do with dead bodies or their coffins! Matthew Flinders names the location after a friend of his – Sir Isaac Coffin. The Bay is probably best known for its oyster growing, but for me the peace and beauty of the location are what make it special.

If you would like to experience what I recently did (plus quite a lot more!), book now on our November tour, travelling from the 14th to the 19th. You’ll be so glad you did! Read the detailed itinerary here.