We have ordered a new bus! Well, it’s more of a coach, really!

Late last year we sold our oldest bus. It was a great vehicle but getting a bit long in the tooth. So we’ve ordered a new small coach, designed especially for us.

The new bus will be similar to the one we currently use for our holiday tours. As you know, we prefer to run tours in smaller groups – we’ve found that smaller groups tend to be friendlier, and it makes getting around to see things much easier too. We can go to lots of places that the big buses can’t.

So unlike the big buses with 50+ seats, our new bus will have just 32. It will have fewer seats than is standard for the vehicle, so we can make sure there is plenty of leg room. And it will have all of the comfort of the big buses, with climate control air-conditioning, tinted windows, reclining seats with foot rests, and even charging points for your phone or tablet.

This new small coach will be arriving in the middle of the year – it takes time to get a bus specially built! We’re sure you’ll love it!