We’ve been so looking forward to showing everyone our new bus, which was due to arrive in May, and to start touring in June. Except it didn’t.

We were very disappointed to discover that our new bus was very much delayed. This caused big problems for us – we had already booked lots of people on tours arranged to be operated in the new bus. So what were we going to do without it?

After a lot of thinking and discussions, we ended up having to cancel the new bus, and instead we have purchased a late-model bus from another company. This new-to-us bus has already been bought, modified and registered, and is now off in Queensland operating tours!

This new-to-us bus is very comfortable and rides very smoothly on the road. It has more seats than planned, but we won’t be taking any more people on holidays than before. However, with the current seating restrictions it does give us a little more flexibility.

We’re sure that you’ll enjoy travelling in it!