Have you been a little frustrated with us lately, waiting for brochures and itineraries to come out? I would like to apologise for us not being as organised as we would normally be, and to offer an explanation.

Running tours during the pandemic has not been easy. There are continual changes to what we can do, and where we can and can’t go. Every business we deal with has been experiencing the same thing, which places everyone under stress. And because of these changes, we continually need to make changes to our tours and plans.

Most of these changes happen behind the scenes – there may be new licencing requirements, and additional permits, venues may not be able to confirm details until just before a tour departs, places we used to visit may no longer be open, or be able to take groups. Of course, flights for interstate tours change regularly, which means entire days of touring need to be completely reworked.

This has meant that our wonderful, hardworking staff has been placed under a great deal of pressure. Our amazing office team – Michelle, Lilly and Melissa – have been working incredibly hard to keep up. Our fabulous Tour Drivers have been tremendously flexible, and made things work on the road. But it means that things have often run late, and are not always as perfect as we would prefer.

We really appreciate your understanding and patience, and assure you that we’re working as hard as we can to make sure that your Day and Holiday Tours run as smoothly as possible.