Tour Description

Urrbrae House and Hills Views

Explore SA’s fascinating heritage!

Cost: $96

This month we visit a fabulous heritage building that many South Australians pass by every day without knowing it exists!

Urrbrae House was built in 1891, as the home of Peter and Matilda Waite. Peter grew up on his mother’s modest family farm in Scotland – his father died the year of Peter’s birth. He moved to SA and became a wealthy pastoralist, and his fiancé Matilda joined him here (travelling on the maiden voyage of the clipper, The City of Adelaide!).

The interior of the house was designed by Aldam Heaton – his only commission in Australia. Heaton’s company would later design much of the interior of the Titanic. Urrbrae House was the first home in Adelaide to be lit by electricity, and in 1895 was the first in Adelaide to have a refrigeration system installed Peter and Matilda later donated the Urrbrae property: the eastern section to the University of Adelaide for scientific studies relating to agriculture, and the western section to the Government of SA for an agricultural high school.

We are privileged to have a tour of the main floor of this very special home, and hear more of the Waites’ story before heading up into the Hills for lunch in Meadows.

This will be a fascinating day, and we’ll be travelling through gorgeous countryside, so don’t miss out!