Tour Description

Carrick Hill Museum of Gardening

Green thumbs of times past

Cost: $89 per person.

Carrick Hill is one of SAs best known and loved historic homes and gardens, with a story of wealth and romance. Now Carrick Hill has another very special aspect: the Australian Museum of Gardening!

The marriage of Edward (Bill) Hayward and Ursula Barr Smith brought two prominent and wealthy SA families together. In 1935 Carrick Hill was built, and around it gardens begun. The Haywards created a very British formal garden, and during their time employed a team of gardeners to look after the grounds.

Given this history, what better place for the Australian Museum of Gardening? It’s quite a collection, with over a thousand objects from all around Australia and the UK! This includes everything from gardening implements to collections of gardening books.

Our visit today includes a guide who explains to us the treasures of the collection, and the important role it plays to preserve and protect our gardening history.

After this fascinating visit we head out into the hills to the town of Macclesfield for lunch. Our afternoon opens up a variety of country roads to explore in the middle of autumn.

Come and enjoy a top autumn day with us!