Tour Description

Easter Treat Trail

Enjoy a mystery day collecting sweet treats!

Cost: $98

This April we have a sweet mystery for you! Have you ever been on an Easter Egg hunt? This month we’re taking our own hunt for special Easter treats, and you’re guaranteed to find some delicious delights to bring home! We can’t tell you where we are heading, but we can give you some clues…

One of our stops is in a town named after someone who commanded an African animal. This place creates sweet treats of many different flavours, but are not known for chocolate eggs. You’ll receive a special sample of their wares to take home.

You might think that the next place we visit could be a little temperamental, and perhaps think that they are a bit better than everyone else. This place might even make you think of stone fruit and raspberries, perhaps even some vanilla, yet you won’t necessarily find them here. You will, however, receive something sweet to enjoy later!

Hopefully this will whet your appetite for a sweet day out in April, hunting for Easter treats! Come along and join the fun!