Tour Description

St Andrews Restoration

Support our heritage on a great day out

Cost: $114

Come on a day of new discoveries and heritage exploration!

In the beautiful town of Strathalbyn, few buildings are as photographed or as well known as St Andrews Church. This magnificent old stone building is on the National Trust heritage list, and for good reason. The first European settlers in Strathalbyn were mainly staunch Scottish Presbyterians, and St Andrews was built to replace their first small church. The first section was built in 1848 and was added to as needed through to 1869. It features an amazing bell from Sheffield weighing a tonne, and clock faces from England. Today the church is an important community hub, being used by the local people for weddings, theatrical performances and celebrations.

St Andrews was built well, but time and weather have had their impact. The total cost to restore the church is a massive $1.8 million and funds from our guided tour and visit will go towards the restoration. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have a look at the building, understand its history, and to contribute to its future.

Our two course lunch today will be a delicious home cooked meal prepared by the dedicated volunteers at St Andrews.

In the afternoon we are looking forward to taking you down some back roads that you may not have travelled before!