Tour Description

Winter Mystery Day Tour

Travel roads less travelled on a great day out.

Cost: $92

Come and have fun on an Endeavour Mystery Day Tour this August – a wonderful month to be out in the green around Adelaide. It’s a day of questions: will we go north, south, east or west; will we see hills and valleys, or plains and fields; will we even find our way home…?

This morning we are travelling to a town that used to have lots of activity and busy-ness, but today is a sleepy little spot. We are visiting a special collection that celebrates some of the bustling that used to occur here, and local people will be telling us all about it. This town is in a very pretty location, with delightful and expansive views.

Our lunch today is just a short drive away, in a misnamed location whose primary industry has been operating here since the early days of South Australia. The town is also a popular location for a certain kind of traveller, and the town has gone out of their way to make these travellers welcome.

Our afternoon drive will take us through very pretty countryside, and you’ll love the scenes and views we experience as we travel.

Wherever we end up we’re confident that you’ll have a great time, having fun with friendly people, enjoying the scenery around and the freshness of the season.