Tour Description

Gilbert’s of Strathalbyn

All roads lead to Strathalbyn

Cost: $105

It was 1901 when the Gilbert family first opened their business in High Street, Strathalbyn, on the site of the old Cobb and Co station. Today, the site remembers the 100 years of the Gilbert family business, and a lot more!

Gilbert’s have been a famous name in Strathalbyn for over a century. The family manufactured Treblig bicycles and motorcycles, sold home appliances, cars (including Buick and Holden) and farm machinery. They also serviced and repaired the vehicles and machinery they sold. In 2018 Gilbert’s closed their doors, but the history and heritage lives on in the superb new Gilbert’s Motor Museum.

The Museum has some amazing vehicles. For example, there is a 1928 Buick that sits on the same spot it occupied before being sold new – and it’s still only done 17,000 miles! There’s
information about the connection to Cobb and Co, and it’s also home to the memorabilia from the famous flag waver at the Adelaide Grand Prix – Glen Dix.

After a fascinating visit we’re off to enjoy a delicious twocourse lunch in the nearby town of Macclesfield where we can chat about the various things we’ve seen.

This afternoon we have a wealth of beautiful country roads to explore for a scenic drive back towards home. It’s going to be a wonderful day, so come along and enjoy!