Tour Description

Magnificent Mystery Tour

Keep your eyes peeled!

Cost: $117

Everyone loves a good mystery, and on our journey today we descend into a cellar of secrets, while still keeping a lookout for the present of course! Leaving behind a dark and dirty history, our venue is shepherding in a new era and the future looks bigger and brighter…if that is possible!

Halfway through our curious outing we will stop for a hearty lunch before continuing on our path. The day is not yet over so keep your eyes peeled for what comes next!

You would be right to expect big things this month, some say more than normal, but you will have to wait and see. We know there is often a spy hopping around, but rest assured, we will never breach the secrecy of an Endeavour mystery!

So it’s full steam ahead as our August adventure awaits! Join us on board to uncover the mystery