Tour Description

New and Old

Heritage Round House and brand new Bridgeport Hotel!

Friday 13th, Wednesday 18th or Thursday 19th August 2021
Cost: $88

Come on a day of new discoveries and heritage exploration! Today we’re off into the Murraylands, and we’re exploring the very origins of the town of Murray Bridge. Not surprisingly, Murray Bridge evolved as a town because of the construction of the Murray bridge! This was the very first bridge over the Murray, and made for easy and quick travel across this major river. And today we visit the very first stone building constructed in the town!

With the building of the bridge, the person managing the construction needed a home, and needed it to be where he could easily see the work being done. And so the very unusual building known as The Round House was constructed. It has a most distinctive design, a wonderful history, and fabulous views of the Murray River. That makes this a great place to explore and hear the stories of the early days of this well-known riverside city.

After a taste of times gone by, we’re off to perhaps the newest major construction in Murray Bridge – the magnificent and brand new Bridgeport Hotel. This large project has just opened, allowing us to be among the first to enjoy a meal in their restaurant. Come along and enjoy a day out with friendly people, discovering the old and new of Murray Bridge!

We expect to start set-downs in Encounter Bay at approximately 4.30pm, finishing in Goolwa around 5:15pm.

  • 8:50am – Bus stop 4, Rosetta Village, Maude Street Encounter Bay
  • 8:55am – Bus stop 1, Stuart Street, Victor Harbor
  • 9:00am – Bus stop 7, Hayborough
  • 9:05am – Elliot Gardens, Montpelier Terrace Port Elliot
  • 9:15am – Bus stop 12, Middleton
  • 9:25am – Seachange Village, Gardiner Street Goolwa
  • 9:27am – Goolwa Caltex, Cadell Street Goolwa
  • 9:30am – Goolwa Stratco, Hutchinson Street, Goolwa

Important: please give us a call the day before the trip to confirm. The new health requirements mean we have some questions to ask, including getting your choice for lunch.