Tour Description

Winter Mystery Tour 

Enjoy a fantastic day as all is revealed…!

This month we have a great Winter Mystery Tour for your enjoyment! We are heading into some scenic countryside for a fascinating day…

Today we are visiting one of South Australia’s oldest towns, but it isn’t Gawler or Willunga. It’s a town that has several notable historic milestones to its credit, including holding SA’s very first country show – now known as the Adelaide Show! It is also the place where the very first address on the new Torrens Title land registration system is located.

This special town has a motivated citizenry who love to improve their location. Our visit today will take us on a tour of one of the very special features created in this town – and you’ll love it! A huge amount of effort has been put in to make this town special and attractive. We also visit a venue that explores more from the town’s past that makes this place special. We follow our explorations with a hearty meal at a local hotel.

In the afternoon we take a drive to see how this area is changing, plus explore some of the beautiful scenic backroads around. This promises to be a great day, so don’t let winter trap you at home! Escape with us for a day of fun!