Tour Description

Valerie’s Gallery

Stunning art is Strathalbyn

Cost: $103

Do you like art that is realistic – where you can understand what the artist is showing you? Come with us and discover a local SA artist whose stunning watercolours bring scenes to life!

Valerie Redding has long been an artist. For forty years her work was teaching art in primary schools, while pursuing her own art in her spare time. Now with more time available to her, she has pursued the skills of working in watercolours.

Valerie’s works are now shown in her own studio gallery, the Junction Gallery, on the outskirts of Strathalbyn. She loves to paint scenes including people, with a style that incorporates aspects of realism and impressionism. Her beach scenes, for example, may show people enjoying a summer’s day, with light sparkling on gentle waves. The way she captures light and detail in watercolour is magnificent.

Following our visit to Valerie’s studio gallery we make our way across the hills to Meadows for a delicious and hearty lunch – a great opportunity to chat with others about the morning’s exploration and discoveries. In the afternoon we enjoy the many beautiful roads and views in this part of the hills.

It’s going to be a great day – come with us and enjoy!