Tour Description

Blue Mountains

(Combined Departure)
Eight Days: 7th – 14th September 2024

Twin Share: $4279 per person. Sole Use: $4998 per person.

Included in the tour:
  • Home pick-ups & set downs (most metro areas – please contact us for details)
  • Picnic-style morning teas & all meals
  • All accommodation & admissions to all attractions
  • Experienced & informative tour driver/guide.


Embark on a breathtaking journey through the Blue Mountains, where majestic landscapes and the grandeur of nature’s artistry await. Explore this World Heritage-listed paradise, featuring dramatic cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and expansive eucalypt forests. Traverse scenic walkways, ride the world’s steepest railway, and soar across canyons on sky-high cableways. Each step reveals a new wonder, from ancient rainforests to awe-inspiring vistas, offering an immersive experience that connects you deeply with the natural beauty and the tranquil spirit of the mountains.



Welcome to the beginning of our journey to the Blue Mountains. We commence with personal chauffeured pickups, ensuring each traveller starts the day with ease and comfort.

Our anticipation builds as we gather at Adelaide Airport, where our flight to Sydney awaits. An Endeavour Tours representative, will be there to assist us through check in and security.

Upon touching down in Sydney, the vibrant city energy greets us warmly. Our Endeavour Tours driver helps us through the airport and drives us to our overnight stop in the heart of Parramatta.

Settling into the Parkroyal Parramatta (02 9685 0349) offers a perfect blend of luxury and relaxation, preparing us for the natural wonders that lie just beyond the city’s hustle and bustle. As evening approaches, we reconvene for a delightful dinner at the hotel.


As dawn breaks and the morning light spills over the horizon, we begin our day with a hearty breakfast at the hotel.

Today’s adventure begins aboard the Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler, a vessel that captures the romantic spirit of a bygone era. With its interiors richly paneled in cedar and teak, this old-world paddlewheeler offers a nostalgic journey along the tranquil Nepean River. As we glide gently over the water, the lush vistas of the Blue Mountains National Park envelop us in their majestic beauty, creating a serene backdrop that feels almost surreal.

Following our river cruise, a delightful lunch is served at the nearby Penrith RSL Club, where we refuel and share tales of the morning’s tranquility.

Our journey continues to Faulconbridge, where we delve into the artistic sanctuary of Norman Lindsay’s home and gallery. This single-storey house, surrounded by expansive grounds, was the creative forge of one of Australia’s most controversial and prolific artists. Here, Norman Lindsay (1879-1969) breathed life into his diverse works, from etchings and sculptures to the beloved children’s classic, The Magic Pudding.

The day’s exploration deepens as we absorb the natural splendor of the surrounding Blue Mountains National Park. This vast landscape of 218,000 hectares is a tapestry of rugged beauty, diverse microclimates, and ecological richness, offering us a profound connection to nature’s enduring artistry.

As the sun begins to dip below the peaks, casting long shadows and bathing the mountains in golden hues, we make our way to our accommodation at The Kyah Boutique Hotel, Blackheath (02 4787 8108). Here we will stay for four nights, nestled among the tranquil beauty of this storied region. The evening concludes with a refreshing dinner at the hotel, where we can relax and reflect on the day’s adventures.

Day Three – MONDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2024

The day unfolds gently with a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, setting the stage for an exhilarating day ahead at Scenic World. As we leave the comfort of our accommodation, anticipation builds; today promises a journey through natural wonders that are both ancient and awe-inspiring.

Upon arrival at Scenic World, our adventure begins with a ride on the Scenic Railway, recognized as the world’s steepest incline railway. We descend 415 meters down the escarpment at a breathtaking gradient of 52 degrees, traveling through a tunnel that leads us into a prehistoric rainforest. This dramatic journey not only stirs the spirit but also connects us intimately with the ancient landscapes of the Blue Mountains.

After disembarking, we head on a 300-meter stroll along the rainforest boardwalk. This path, surrounded by verdant foliage and the sounds of nature, leads us to the Flyway platform. Here, we board the Scenic Flyway, the steepest aerial cable car in Australia. As we ascend 545 meters through the lush canopy of the Jamison Valley, part of the World Heritage Listed rainforest, we are treated to panoramic views that stretch endlessly beneath us, a tapestry of green that tells stories of the earth’s ancient past.

Our exploration continues as we step onto the Scenic Skyway. Suspended 270 meters above deep ravines and cascading waterfalls, our journey across the sky offers a unique perspective of the Blue Mountains’ stunning geological features and breathtaking vistas. Each moment on the skyway is a reminder of the vast, untouched beauty that surrounds us.

We depart Scenic World and make a stop at Echo Point, a renowned lookout providing unparalleled views of the iconic Three Sisters. It’s a perfect spot for photography, nature observation and soaking in the serene atmosphere that makes the Blue Mountains a world heritage-listed destination.

As the afternoon wanes, we return to the warmth and comfort of our hotel. The remainder of the day provides a peaceful interlude, where we can reflect on the day’s adventures, explore the nearby shops or simply relax before gathering for dinner.

Day Four – TUESDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2024

Today’s journey begins after breakfast, taking us to the northern side of the majestic Blue Mountains. Our first destination is Govetts Leap Lookout, a vantage point renowned for its breathtaking views across the Grose Valley and the cascading Bridal Veil Falls. The expansive vistas here are not just visually stunning—they also offer a profound sense of the vastness and beauty of the natural world, providing a perfect moment of reflection.

A short drive from the lookout brings us to the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre. Here, we delve into the rich history and heritage of the area. The centre offers insights into the environmental and cultural history of this unique region through informative exhibits and interactive displays, enhancing our understanding of the land and its stories.

Continuing our cultural exploration, we journey to the Victory Theatre Antique Centre in Blackheath. Originally built in 1914 as the Arcadia Picture Palace, this historic building has transformed through the decades. Today, it houses a spectacular antique centre, boasting an impressive array of furniture, jewellery, fine porcelain, books, and needlework. Each piece tells its own story, making the centre a treasure trove for collectors and history enthusiasts alike. We’ll have ample time to wander through the myriad of collectables, each aisle offering a glimpse into a bygone era.

For lunch, we visit Bygone Beautys in Leura, the largest private emporium of antiques and collectables in the Blue Mountains. This enchanting place not only offers a feast for the eyes with its vast collection of antiques but also delights with an exhibition of over 1,400 teapots. This unique display adds a whimsical touch to our visit, blending the pleasure of fine antiques with the charm of historical curiosities.

The afternoon offers a leisurely pace as we explore the quaint town of Leura. Known for its lovely streets and gardens, Leura is the perfect place to stroll, shop, and soak in the local atmosphere. We reconvene later in the day for our return transfer to the hotel, where we can relax and reflect on a day filled with history, beauty, and leisure. We then gather together for dinner.


Our adventure today takes us to the historic town of Lithgow, nestled within the western fringes of the Blue Mountains. After breakfast, we visit the Lithgow Visitor Information Centre. Here, we are joined by a knowledgeable local guide who boards our coach and leads us on a captivating tour of the town, unveiling its rich tapestry of history and culture.

Our exploration continues with a visit to Eskbank House, a residence steeped in Victorian elegance. Constructed in 1842, Eskbank House stands as one of the oldest residences in the Lithgow Valley. The house not only showcases period architecture and decor but also features an impressive display of pottery in its gallery, handcrafted at the renowned Old Lithgow Pottery.

Lunch today is served at the Lithgow Workies Club. Refreshed and refueled, we proceed to the State Mine Heritage Park in the afternoon. This site offers a profound glimpse into the region’s industrial past with a guided tour and talk about the former Lithgow State Mine. The tour provides an in-depth look at the mine’s operations, its workers, and the pivotal role it played in the development of Lithgow, enriching our understanding of the town’s industrial heritage.

With our day’s exploration complete, we return to our accommodation where we can unwind and relax before dinner.


Leaving the stunning Blue Mountains, we journey towards Bathurst. Upon arrival, we’ll enjoy our morning tea and have the opportunity to explore this historical town, known for its rich gold rush heritage and as a vibrant hub of motorsport culture.

After soaking in the local charm, we continue our adventure to Cowra, where we stop for a delicious lunch with a view, at the stunning Japanese Gardens. Designed by the internationally recognised landscape architect Ken Nakajima, this strolling garden is a masterpiece of tranquility, symbolising the Japanese landscape with a rocky hillside, manicured hedges, waterfalls and streams.

Leaving Cowra, we travel through the charming towns of Young and Cootamundra, each offering unique glimpses into the region’s culture and history, before arriving in Wagga Wagga.

Here, we will check into our accommodation at the Mecure Wagga Wagga (02 6939 7200). Dinner provides an opportunity to reflect on our journey from the mountains to the plains, sharing experiences and anticipations for the days ahead as we continue to explore the diverse landscapes of New South Wales.

Day Seven – FRIDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2024

After enjoying a filling breakfast at our accommodation in Wagga Wagga, we set off for a day rich with exploration and discovery. Our journey today takes us to The Rock, where we visit the intriguing Marrocka Emu Farm. Here, we embark on a guided tour of the farm, delving into the fascinating world of emu farming. The tour provides an insightful look at the care, breeding, and diverse uses of emus, accompanied by a delightful morning tea amidst the pastoral serenity of the farm.

Continuing our adventure, we travel to the historic town of Jerilderie. Lunch awaits at the iconic Royal Mail Hotel, a place steeped in history and charm. Here, we savor a meal that not only pleases the palate but also connects us to the local culture and history of this unique area.

Our afternoon journey leads us to Deniliquin, where we visit the Depot Historic Vehicle and Memorabilia Collection. This fascinating collection immerses us in the past through its family-friendly interactive displays and activities. With exhibits ranging from Hollywood memorabilia and Australian motoring history to rescue vehicles and cars from around the world, The Depot offers a nostalgic journey through time, filled with discovery and entertainment.

As the day draws to a close, we arrive in Swan Hill. Here, we check into the Comfort Inn Campbell Motor Inn (08 8569 2511), our resting place for the night. This comfortable motel provides a relaxing environment where we can unwind from the day’s travels and experiences. Dinner offers a chance to relax and reflect on the day’s adventures.

Day Eight – SATURDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 2024

As the morning light dawns on our final day, we begin with bags packed not just with belongings but with a treasure trove of wonderful memories. Today, we start our journey back to Adelaide, ready to reflect on the incredible experiences shared and friendships deepened over the course of our travels.

The ride from Swan Hill is one of relaxation and reminiscence. Settle into your seat and enjoy the changing landscapes as we make our way through the countryside. It’s a time to unwind and share stories with fellow travellers, reliving the moments that have marked our journey together.

Our route takes us to the Lameroo Hotel Motel for our final lunch together. This cozy stop provides a warm, friendly atmosphere where we can enjoy a hearty meal and toast to our adventures before continuing our journey home.

As we arrive in Adelaide in the late afternoon, we are met by the chauffeur cars that will take us home. While the trip has come to an end, the bonds formed and the experiences shared will linger long after.