Tour Description

Central Coast

(Combined Departure)
Seven Days: 31st August – 6th September 2024

Twin Share: $3959 per person. Sole Use: $4509 per person.

Included in the tour:
  • Home pick-ups & set downs (most metro areas – please contact us for details)
  • Picnic-style morning teas & all meals
  • All accommodation & admissions to all attractions
  • Experienced & informative tour driver/guide.


Embark on our captivating Central Coast adventure, where the stunning landscapes and rich tapestry of Australia’s eastern seaboard await. Experience a journey woven with diverse encounters, from maritime histories that span oceans to lush farms where agriculture and heritage fuse seamlessly. Discover serene beaches, enchanting historical sites, and vibrant communities, each offering a unique glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle. This tour promises not just a visual feast but an immersive experience that connects you deeply with the culture and history of the region.


Day One – SATURDAY 31 AUGUST 2024

Embarking from Adelaide, your Central Coast adventure begins with a personal touch as you receive a chauffeured pick-up from home, ensuring a comfortable and seamless journey to the Adelaide Airport. An Endeavour Tours assistant is on hand to ensure every detail is taken care of, allowing you to relax and look forward to the scenic wonders that await.

Upon arrival in Coolangatta, the warmth of the coastal town greets you, with our dedicated Endeavour Tours driver ready to assist you from the moment you step off the plane. The drive from the airport to our first destination is filled with anticipatory glimpses of the charming landscapes that define the Central Coast.

After a scenic journey, we check into the Ballina Beach Resort (02 6686 8888) where we can unwind and settle in. This evening, we’ll gather for a welcoming dinner at the resort, enjoying the local flavors and the soothing seaside ambiance, setting the perfect tone for the days to come.


Following a nourishing breakfast, our journey today unfolds with a tour of the Ballina area, brimming with culture and scenic beauty.

Our first stop is the Ballina Maritime Museum, where we delve into maritime history, highlighted by the impressive ‘Las Balsas’ raft. This 12- metre long and 6-metre-wide vessel of balsa wood made an epic journey from Ecuador, arriving in Ballina on 21 November 1973 after covering 3760 nautical miles over 178 days. This exhibit not only showcases a remarkable feat of navigation but also ties us to a broader story of adventure and endurance.

From there, our coach winds through the lush landscapes to Alstonville, where we visit the esteemed Summerland House with No Steps. Set against the backdrop of the verdant Alstonville plateau, this thriving macadamia and avocado farm is more than just a place of agricultural bounty; it is a vibrant enterprise providing invaluable training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Here, amidst the sweeping views and fresh country air, we enjoy a leisurely lunch and explore the farm’s expansive grounds, learning about its impactful mission and sustainable practices.

With hearts and minds enriched, we continue our journey to Coffs Harbour. As evening nears, we arrive at the Opal Cove Resort (02 6651 0510), a picturesque retreat where the waves’ gentle murmurs promise a restful night. This serene setting is perfect for reflecting on the day’s discoveries and rejuvenating for the adventures that await.

Day Three – MONDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 2024

On the third day of our adventure, we start with a leisurely breakfast, taking the morning at a gentle pace to truly appreciate our surroundings. Perhaps you’ll choose to take a refreshing morning stroll or browse the shops in Coffs Harbour.

Departing from the usual route, we venture off the highway and make our way to South West Rocks, a destination steeped in history and natural beauty. Here, we explore the intriguing Trial Bay Gaol, an architectural relic with a compelling past. Constructed between 1877 and 1886, this historic prison initially housed ‘good conduct’ prisoners who contributed as cheap labour for the construction of a 1.6 km breakwater around the bay. Despite the project remaining unfinished and the prison closing in 1903, the site stands as a preserved monument to its storied past, complete with a museum and evocative ruins. The self-guided tour offers a deep dive into the gaol’s fascinating history, right up to its permanent closure in 1917 and the subsequent auction of its movable parts in 1922.

Continuing our cultural journey, we travel further south to pay tribute to an Australian legend at the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey. This visually rich museum celebrates the life and career of the King of Country, from his early steps in show business to his iconic tours through Australia’s outback. The exhibits not only recount his musical journey but also showcase the impact of his tunes, which echoed across the nation, resonating with countless fans. After a delightful lunch and immersive exploration at the centre, our journey takes us to Port Macquarie.

Late afternoon, we arrive at the Water’s Edge Port Macquarie (02 6583 2955), our peaceful retreat for the night. Here, nestled by tranquil waters, we unwind and reflect on a day filled with historical insights and musical heritage, eagerly anticipating what tomorrow may bring.


Departing Port Macquarie, our journey takes us south through stunning countryside. As we near midday, we arrive at historic Alison Homestead. Nestled in a rural setting on Wyong’s first land grant from 1825, this homestead offers a glimpse into the area’s pastoral heritage. Upon arrival, we are treated to a delightful lunch, the flavours of which are as rich and inviting as the homestead’s history. Following our meal, we embark on a guided tour of the property, where the homestead and its outbuildings are lovingly preserved. The displays here are a treasure trove of local history, featuring memorabilia, photographs, antique furniture, toys, and various household items that paint a vivid picture of early life in Wyong. The collection also extends to old farming equipment, machinery, and tools, each piece telling its own story of the past.

A short distance away is the enchanting Firescreek Botanical Winery, set amidst lush gardens and farm grounds. This unique winery is renowned for its award-winning wines, crafted from an array of fruits and botanicals. Here, we indulge in a wine tasting experience unlike any other, pairing four of Firescreek’s distinctive botanic wines with four exquisite handmade chocolates. After savouring our tastings, we take some time to wander through the beautiful property, enjoying the tranquil surroundings and the creative spirit that infuses every corner.

As the day winds down, we make our way to our accommodation at The Quarters Forrester’s Beach (02 4384 1222), a lovely beachside suburb where we will settle in for the next three nights.


After breakfast this morning we venture out on a truly unique experience as we explore Broken Bay Pearls, the sole pearl farm on Australia’s East Coast. Our day starts with an intriguing discovery tour that takes us cruising along the picturesque lower Hawkesbury River to one of the oyster leases. Here, amidst the calm waters, we delve into the fascinating world of pearl farming.

The highlight of our visit is an exclusive pearl grading session in the restricted access Pearl Grading Room. This educational experience allows us to follow the captivating journey of the Australian Pearl, tracing its roots from ancient Indigenous traditions to contemporary farming and intricate grading techniques. We’ll witness firsthand how these lustrous gems are transformed from simple oysters into exquisite pieces of jewellery, each telling its own unique story.

As our morning of discovery transitions into afternoon, we prepare for a delightful culinary experience at the Chocolate and Nougat Factory. Renowned for producing some of Australia’s most beloved confections, this destination offers more than just sweets. We’ll embark on a tour of the facility, learning about the meticulous process of crafting Nougat Limar, Bon Bon Fine Chocolate, and The Sydney Marshmallow Co.’s confections.

With our senses enriched and appetites satisfied, we return to our hotel for dinner.


Today offers a unique slice of Australian heritage as we embark on an adventure with the Last Riverboat Postman, an iconic service that has been a lifeline to the Hawkesbury River’s isolated communities for over a century.

Meeting our charismatic Riverboat Postman, we step aboard and set sail along one of Australia’s most picturesque waterways. As the boat glides through the Hawkesbury River, we are treated to breathtaking views of sandy beach coves, rugged bushland, and fjord-like inlets, each turn in the river revealing new wonders. The area’s rich history and natural beauty are matched only by the stories of the people who live along these remote shores. Throughout the cruise, our Skipper provides engaging commentary, weaving tales of the river’s past and present, enriching our understanding of this unique postal route.

While we cruise, we assist in the vital task of making deliveries to the river’s residents, experiencing first-hand the importance of this service which connects the secluded communities to the wider world. We also enjoy a delightful lunch onboard, savoring delicious local flavors amidst the stunning riverine landscape. This journey not only offers a window into the lives of the river’s inhabitants but also allows us to play a part in continuing a cherished local tradition.

After a day filled with scenic beauty and lively stories, we return to dry land and make our way back to our accommodation for our final night on tour. Here, we can reflect on the day’s unique experiences and the serene landscapes of the Hawkesbury River, carrying with us memories of a truly Australian adventure.

Day Seven – FRIDAY 6 SEPTEMBER 2024

We commence our final day with a visit to the captivating Ken Duncan Gallery. Here, we take our time meandering through the spacious viewing rooms, each showcasing breathtaking photographic art. An exceptional audio-visual presentation awaits in the intimate theatre, providing an immersive experience into the artistic vision of Ken Duncan.

Just a short drive away, nestled among three acres of tranquil gardens, lies Distillery Botanica. This unique distillery is independently owned by the astute herbalist and distiller, Phillip Moore. The botanicals grown on-site not only inspire but directly infuse an array of award-winning spirits and liqueurs, each with a story to tell. After engaging in this fantastic experience, we enjoy some leisure time to explore the beautiful property and savor a delightful lunch amidst the picturesque gardens.

Following this enriching visit, our Endeavour Tours driver assists us at Sydney airport, ensuring a smooth transition for our flight back to Adelaide. Upon arrival, an Endeavour Tours representative will be there to welcome and assist us at Adelaide Airport. From here, you will be chauffeured home, bringing our journey full circle. What a truly memorable time we have had, filled with unique discoveries and shared experiences that will linger in our hearts for years to come.