Tour Description

Progressive Summer’s Feast

Dine your way around the Fleurieu.

Cost: $96

Start 2019 with something a little different!

Have you ever participated in a progressive meal? It’s where you enjoy each course of your meal at a different venue, travelling between courses. That’s what we have planned for today, and we’ll be tasting our way around the beautiful countryside of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Heading out from Adelaide’s suburbs we pause for a picnic morning tea, then travel south for our first course. Our entrée today is a delightful platter at Harvest the Fleurieu. This fabulous stop near Mount Compass started as a strawberry stall at the side of the road and has become a showcase for all the wonderful and delicious products of the Fleurieu! It’s a great way to begin our meal, plus if you enjoy the entrée you can even purchase an edible souvenir to take home!

An entrée is just to get us started, so we continue to the gorgeous south coast of the Fleurieu. At the Middleton Tavern we enjoy a hearty main course along with tea or coffee.

We board the bus to continue our travels, as dessert is further around the Peninsula. Part of the flavour of summer is the freshness of berries. We have arranged a visit at the Blueberry Patch for a cool dessert of farm fresh blueberries blended into icecream. If you like you can buy some fresh blueberries for home or friends.

This will be a great day out, with great flavours, fabulous scenery and a fun way to start the year. Don’t miss out!