Tour Description

Luxury & Taste in the Barossa

Wealth & grandness displayed

Cost: $92 per person.

When the Queen visited SA in February of 2002 she had only one official activity – opening the amazing complex which we are visiting – and dining at – this month!

Chateau Barossa shows one couple’s journey to bring together one of the best collections of fine porcelain and antiques you could ever wish to see. Hermann and Inga Thumm loved collecting these pieces. Perhaps they represented a touch of Hermann’s childhood, where he was born into a wealthy German family in Russian-controlled Georgia just before the first World War. He saw his family’s estate seized before he fled via Iran to the internment camps. Hermann settled in SA, and became a famous winemaker in the Barossa, enabling him to indulge his passions for fine art pieces.

The Art and Antique Gallery at Chateau Barossa contains over 1500 pieces, and includes 18th to 20th century porcelain – a truly priceless collection. You’ll be stunned by the beauty and artistry of the pieces here. There’s also an excellent, high quality gift shop here (no, you can’t buy the porcelain!) should you be interested in something special for yourself or a friend.

We are also enjoying a superb two-course lunch here at the Chateau, making for a truly delightful day. Don’t miss this wonderful tour!