Tour Description

Christmas in July

Celebrate when the weather suits!

Cost: $106

There’s no doubt that in Australia we celebrate Christmas in the wrong season! After all, the idea of having hot roast
turkey and Christmas pudding when it’s 40 degrees outside is slightly silly. It’s a meal that is just made for colder weather – a typical northern hemisphere December. So this month we’re bringing Christmas to Australia’s winter!

Come with us today as we head off for a festive Christmas. We’re making our way south to the quaint historic town of Willunga, where a scrumptious traditional Christmas lunch awaits. We can settle down in a warm setting inside, leaving winter outside the building. There’s nothing better than a fun celebration of Christmas with friends, even if our timing is just that little bit out of whack!

As always, we have some wonderful touring prepared, taking you on roads you may never have travelled before! With such a smorgasbord of stunning vistas so close to Adelaide, we live in a truly blessed location.

So don’t hesitate – book you’re Christmas in winter now, and look forward to a fabulous day out celebrating with friends!