Tour Description

Winter Mystery

A history mystery

Cost: $109

Winding roads lead out of town, past farms and hills, up and down.

In a river valley, flat and wide, is where you’ll go on this mystery ride.

Whispers echo in the halls of yore, tales of love, loss, and war galore.

But you’ll no longer find the rank and file, they haven’t been here in a while.

Birds sing in the blooms and trees. A tranquil retreat from the world’s unease.

You may not hear a dib or dob, but once caught glimpses of a similar mob.

In this place, we lose track of time, as nature and history intertwine.

A legacy etched in the iron and beams, of a family’s triumph in fulfilling their dreams.

So if you seek a retreat from the rush, a day tour journey is a must.

A trip to remember, a memory to keep, a hidden gem in the heart of the deep.