Tour Description

Kangaroo Island

(Combined Departure)
Five Days: 7th – 11th September 2024

Twin Share: $2719 per person. Sole Use: $3209 per person.

Included in the tour:
  • Home pick-ups & set downs (most metro areas – please contact us for details)
  • Picnic-style morning teas & all meals
  • All accommodation & admissions to all attractions
  • Experienced & informative tour driver/guide.


Embark on a scenic adventure to Kangaroo Island, where the landscapes teem with natural beauty and the air is filled with the history of the land. Travel through lush sanctuaries and coastal vistas, uncovering the island’s secrets from its wildlife to its artisanal crafts. Each day brings a new discovery, from breathtaking natural formations to intimate wildlife encounters, ensuring a journey filled with lasting memories and a deep connection to this unique island paradise.



Our journey to Kangaroo Island begins with a serene drive, meandering through the verdant valleys and rolling hills of the Fleurieu Peninsula towards Cape Jervis. Upon reaching Cape Jervis, we board the SeaLink ferry, commencing a scenic crossing. As we glide over waters, we’re treated to stunning coastal vistas and may even spot dolphins playfully racing alongside the ferry.

Arriving in Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island’s welcoming gateway, we proceed to Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery. Nestled amidst the rustic charm of the island’s countryside, the distillery is a sanctuary of natural aromatherapy. Here, we immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of eucalyptus oil production, an industry that once flourished on the island and is now passionately preserved by local artisans.

After exploring the distillery and enjoying a local lunch, we venture to Clifford’s Honey Farm. Here, we delve into the fascinating world of beekeeping and sample the sweetness of honey made by the island’s unique Ligurian bees.

We conclude our day in Kingscote, where we settle into our accommodation at Mercure Kangaroo Island Lodge (08 8553 7053), preparing for the evenings and adventures ahead.


After breakfast at the hotel, we embark on a captivating journey to Rob’s Shearing and Sheepdogs, nestled in the heart of Kangaroo Island’s pastoral lands. This visit provides an immersive introduction to Australia’s rich agricultural heritage. At Rob’s farm, we are treated to a live demonstration of sheep shearing, an art honed over generations, and watch in awe as skilled sheepdogs expertly navigate flocks across the field, responding to Rob’s commands with precision and agility.

Energized by the morning’s rustic activities, we proceed to Dudley Wines, a family-owned gem perched atop a cliff with breathtaking views over the Southern Ocean. Here, we indulge in a curated wine tasting session, sampling a selection of their finest vintages. Each glass reflects the unique terroir of Kangaroo Island, accompanied by a platter of exquisite local produce that complements the wines’ complex profiles. This experience is enhanced by the vineyard’s panoramic views, providing a perfect blend of culinary delight and scenic splendor.

In the afternoon, we continue to Cape Willoughby to visit its historic lighthouse, the first to be built in South Australia and a sentinel for mariners since 1852. If you wish, you have the opportunity to walk up to the lantern room, where we are treated to expansive views of the rugged coastline and wind-swept seas. Alternatively you can enjoy the spectacular views from the ground level.

The day winds down with a leisurely evening back at our accommodation where we have time to relax before making our way to dinner.

Day Three – MONDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2024

Our third day unfolds with an immersive exploration of Flinders Chase National Park, a vast wilderness sanctuary that showcases the raw beauty of Kangaroo Island. The park, a haven for diverse wildlife and lush vegetation, offers an array of scenic trails that promise close encounters with nature. A local guide will join us on the coach today, providing us with commentary and information on the areas we visit.

Our first stop is Admirals Arch, a stunning natural rock formation that serves as a testament to the relentless power of the elements. As we navigate the rugged coastal path leading to the Arch, our guide shares insights into the geological processes that have sculpted this and other landmarks over millions of years. The Arch itself provides a dramatic backdrop for observing the playful antics of a colony of New Zealand fur seals, which can often be seen basking on the rocks below.

Next, we make our way to Remarkable Rocks, an impressive collection of precariously balanced granite boulders that have been weathered into bizarre shapes by the erosive forces of wind and rain. These rocks, set against the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean, offer one of the most photographed vistas on the island. As we explore this extraordinary site, our guide highlights the unique flora that clings to life here, adapting to the harsh, salty winds that sweep across the landscape.

Throughout the day, our guide ensures we’re not just passing through but truly connecting with the environment. We pause often to observe the quiet movements of local wildlife, from echidnas rustling in the underbrush to kangaroos grazing in the open fields. The diversity of birdlife is particularly notable, with opportunities to spot rare species like the Glossy Black Cockatoo and the majestic White-bellied Sea Eagle soaring overhead.

As the afternoon wanes, we make our way back to the Mercure Kangaroo Island Lodge, the tranquility of the park still resonating within us. The afternoon is ours to enjoy at leisure, whether that means relaxing in the lodge’s comfortable surroundings, or taking a gentle stroll along the nearby shoreline. We then gather together for dinner at the resort restaurant.

Day Four – TUESDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2024

Our adventure continues as we head to Seal Bay Conservation Park, a natural refuge on the southern coast of Kangaroo Island. Here, we are privileged to participate in a guided beach walk, led by an experienced ranger who introduces us to the endangered Australian Sea Lions. This up-close encounter on the sands of Seal Bay allows us to observe these graceful creatures as they rest, play, and interact in their pristine coastal environment.

Following our morning with the sea lions, we journey to Raptor Domain for an engaging and educational demonstration. This facility is dedicated to the rehabilitation and conservation of birds of prey and offers a unique opportunity to see these majestic birds up close. The free-flight demonstration is a highlight, featuring birds such as falcons, owls, and eagles showcasing their flying prowess and natural hunting skills.

In the afternoon, we visit the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, where we immerse ourselves in the diverse native wildlife of the island. This visit provides us with a chance to see a variety of animals, from kangaroos and wallabies to echidnas and wombats, in settings that mimic their natural habitats. A special focus is placed on the Koala Wildlife Rescue Centre, where we learn about the vital work being done to rehabilitate injured and orphaned koalas.

To conclude our enriching day, we make our way to Kangaroo Island Spirits, the island’s first and award-winning gin distillery. Here, we indulge in a tasting session that showcases a range of spirits crafted from local botanicals. Each sip offers a taste of the island’s unique flora, from juniper and lavender to native Australian ingredients like lemon myrtle and aniseed myrtle.

As we return to our accommodation, we reflect on a day filled with natural wonders and local culture, carrying with us the flavours, sights, and stories of Kangaroo Island’s vibrant ecological and community spirit.


As our adventure draws to a close, we take the ferry back to Cape Jervis, absorbing the last views of the island’s rugged coastline.

We meander through the scenic towns of Parawa and Waitpinga, each with its own unique character and stories, stopping for lunch at Middleton. This quaint town offers a chance to reflect on our journey over a meal at the local tavern.

As we make our way back to Adelaide, the experiences of the past few days – from close encounters with wildlife to the taste of local flavours and the sight of spectacular natural beauty – leave us with a deep appreciation of Kangaroo Island’s enduring allure.