Tour Description

Littlewood Agapanthus

Gorgeous garden and greenery in the Hills

Cost: $88 per person.

If you’re a gardener at this time of year, much of your time is spent just keeping your garden alive. Green is not our most common colour in March! A perfect way of adding luscious green to a garden, without needing lots of water, is the fabulous agapanthus.

Today we venture into the hills to visit Littlewood Agapanthus. As an agapanthus farm this is a great spot to see lots of green in the summer season, plus speak with the experts about this fabulous plant. You can get advice about different colours and varieties, and purchase a plant if you wish.

From Littlewood we head deeper into the countryside to Mount Torrens, near where the division between the Onkaparinga Valley and the Torrens Valley is located. The Mount Torrens hotel is another great country pub, and we’re enjoying a hot, two course lunch here today.

In the afternoon we have a smorgasbord of scenery to choose from, as we wend our way through the hills back towards Adelaide.

If you enjoy scenery, gardens, food and friendly people, then today’s tour has everything for you!