Tour Description

March Mystery Meander

Magnificent, marvellous and unmissable.

Cost: $109

We’ve discovered another new and interesting place to take you in March, but we’re not going to tell you where!

This morning we’re travelling into the countryside for a fascinating and fun exploration. We are heading to a place that we haven’t visited before. This is a production facility where the workers are delightful – if they’re in a good mood. Otherwise, watch out!

You may think that all of the workers here should have the name Lloyd, but you would be mistaken. And although their activity seems quite relaxed, after their main production run is finished they’ve worked so hard that they have lost a significant amount of weight.

You’ll be pleased by today’s lunch – a hearty, two course meal in a country pub. The town where it is located was originally three towns, which grew together – one of these was named Hendryton after the first blacksmith here. You might think its current name comes from the area around, but it was named after the sister of one of the first settlers.

After lunch we have a delightful drive to lead us back towards Adelaide and home.

Come with us for a fabulous day, wherever we may end up!