Tour Description

March’s Mysterious Meander  

We aim to confuse!

We love a mystery! And this month we’ve definitely found something a little different for you!

Today we’re off to a place that is named after something from overseas, which it hasn’t had anything to do with for around four decades. It’s a confusing name – a mixture of a bird and a fruit – but don’t worry, today they do something completely different here. If you were getting married you might look at coming here, but it’s not a church, a reception centre, a cake baker, or a dress-maker. We’ll meet the people who work here, and believe it or not you can even come to work here for no pay (and people do!). It’s a place of production, but I think you’ll be surprised at the places and things of beauty it has.

It’s just a short drive from here to lunch, and by the name of the place you might think that cows would be pleased to be eating here. However, this place is definitely for humans, and we are set for a hearty two course meal.

In the afternoon we’ll be looking to get you in a proper muddle as we head for the secret back roads that we love to find. But don’t worry – we always know where we’re going!

If you enjoy a surprise, discovering new places and having fun with friends you’ll love today’s tour. Come along and enjoy a top day out!