Tour Description

March’s Mysterious Meander

We aim to confuse.

Cost: $95

A mystery tour is always fun! Where will we go? What will we do and see? You’ll have to come along to find out, but here are a few clues…

This month we head in a direction other than west (well, it would be a short trip if we did go west…). We are heading to a place that was developed for one reason and is now being used for a variety of others. Although this area is known for something that many people find delicious, this place was used for something that most people wouldn’t describe that way. Yet today, there are a number of delicious things offered here, and we can have a taste.

Mind you, there are still products here that I wouldn’t want to try eating, even if they may have been recommended for me to pop in my mouth in the past. They do, however, make a delightful gift or a wonderful product to take home and enjoy (just not to eat!). This is a great place to visit. It’s quite new (though its location is old) and is an award-winner.

It’s a short drive to lunch, in a place that has suggestions of being out in the sun, but might make you ask: “under what?”

It’s no mystery that today will be a great day out with friendly people, so come along and have fun!