Tour Description

Warrawong Sanctuary

Famous Hills sanctuary has returned.

Cost: $108

Warrawong Sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills is thriving with its newest owners.

Warrawong was founded in 1969 by well-known and controversial environmentalist Dr John Wamsley. The Sanctuary became famous for its successful work protecting a variety of animals, but particularly platypus. It developed a new type of predator-proof fencing which protected the animals from feral cats and foxes. Dr Wamsley’s strong opinions about cats, and his famous feral cat skin hat, helped promote the Sanctuary and its work. However, in the 2000s the Sanctuary had a bumpy ride, with the site being sold several times, before being closed in 2013 by its then owner Zoos SA.

In 2017 Warrawong received new owners – experienced zoo owners from WA, David Cobbold and Narelle MacPherson. They have re-opened the Sanctuary, and have worked hard to restore it to its former glory, including buying back some of the land that had been sold by previous owners.

As part of our visit at Warrawong we are participating in a wildlife show, plus enjoy lunch in their restaurant. After lunch we have time to explore the Sanctuary, or sit and relax while enjoying the natural surrounds. It’s wonderful to see this very special place of peace and tranquillity being used again to protect so many important animals.

Come with us for a fabulous day at Warrawong!