Tour Description

A Heritage Hero

The town that saved the State

Cost: $88 per person.

Did you know that in the early days of SAs existence, we almost went broke? South Australia began as a free society, with no convict labour, and indeed history tells us that SA was envisaged as almost a utopian ideal! However, in the early days of the colony, that ideal almost came unstuck.

Idealistically, land was sold in SA at a relatively high price, with the money raised intended to fund the passage of the working class to the new colony to provide a workforce. In practice, however, land was bought and sold by speculators, and production from the land was limited. It appeared that either the colony would face bankruptcy or need a source of other income, such as accepting convicts… In the nick of time, copper was discovered around Kapunda – and the economic activity that it brought saved the day. So today we’re off to Kapunda to explore the town that saved SA!

It has preserved its heritage well, with fascinating trails around the town and former mine. A local guide joins us to explain all that we see. We also stop to explore an excellent interactive display which brings the heritage of the town to life.

After an excellent lunch at a local hotel, and a fascinating stop, we head back towards Adelaide and home.