Tour Description

May Mystery

Definitely a day of dastardly deception

Cost: $108

Everyone loves a mystery! And today we’re going to do our very best to confuse!

Our destination is in a place where you might expect fruit to be grown, and there is quite a bit of that that happens around here. However, there’s not much of the type of fruit that you might expect. It’s also an area where you might think you’ll find the occasional highly dangerous snake. Fortunately we’re visiting in May, so snakes won’t be a problem.

Although the place we’re visiting is an old building, it’s not uncommon. It was built for a specific purpose that supported the local community. Its purpose has changed over the years, although it still supports the local community. Occasionally it even reverts to its original use. There are items here that you may like to browse and possibly even purchase.

On our way to lunch we’ll go close to one of the most famous homes in this area. It’s available for short stays, but you won’t get bed and breakfast. Our lunch is in a town where you might think everyone is being chased for money, but not if you use its proper name. The wilderness near here might make you think of Christmas, but don’t be deceived!

Confused? Well come along and find out the answers with us!