Tour Description

Permaculture Tour

Learn about growing food sustainably.

Cost: $96

November is a wonderful time to be out exploring, and we’ve got a fabulous tour for this great month!

Alongside the Gawler River lies a heritage listed homestead, built in the first few years of European settlement in SA. It’s here in the early 1980s that a local family, the Brookmans, decided to develop their own permaculture farm.

With many people becoming more concerned about where their food is coming from, and how it is produced, it’s not surprising there has developed a much greater interest in more natural methods of growing food. Permaculture means “permanent agriculture”, and means producing food crops in a way that is organic and ensures the land is kept in good condition for future generations. The Brookman family now have over 160 varieties of fruit, nuts, grains, vegetables and
timber, all on their 15 hectare property.

The family share about their farm, how they operate, and why they farm the way they do. It’s a fascinating place, and a great opportunity to learn about a different way of doing things.

After lunch at a local hotel, we venture off for a gorgeous drive through the hills. There are so many delightful drives through here, and we love finding new and different directions to travel.

It’s going to be a fabulous day! Don’t miss out!