Tour Description

A Spring Mystery

Come along and be confused with us.

Cost: $95

This month our great mystery tour visits a town that was envisaged as the “New Orleans” of SA. The original survey for the town provided for 1000 lots, plus rural sections. It had the first of its kind here in 1838. It quickly became a very important place and saw large numbers of people passing through. It also saw huge wealth at one stage – perhaps this is why this town had one of the state’s oldest continually operating hotels? It is likely why a substantial justice precinct was constructed in 1859 – the most complex building of its kind in SA at the time.

Our visit here includes exploring one of the key parts of the heritage of this town, plus enjoying lunch in the historic hotel. After lunch we take part in enjoying the reason this town was established in the first place. We also drop in to a community facility which, although supported by the council, has the local adults and school children to thank for its beauty.

In October the countryside is looking superb so you can be sure of wonderful scenery during our afternoon drive to cap off a fascinating and fun day out.

*Please Note: If you regularly travel with us you may notice that some days may be in a different week than usual. We apologise for any problems this may cause.