Tour Description

Spring Mystery Tour

Visit a great SA community

Cost: $104

Where do you think we should go today? We’re off to a charming country town that is now relaxed and relatively peaceful. However, it used to be on one of the major freight routes in SA. The goods that passed through here were of great importance to the South Australian economy to the South Australian economy. Did I just repeat myself? Well, it’s not surprising – it’s that kind of town! A prominent media identity grew up near here – someone known for their ability to talk.

We love supporting local communities, and we’re doing that again today! The place we are visiting is volunteer run for the benefit of the local community. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy your visit here, but in times past you wouldn’t have wanted to be here. You may wish to come prepared to do a little shopping – it all supports the community.

Who knows where we’ll be having lunch today! (Well, we do, but we won’t be telling you!) We can let you know that it will be a hearty two-course meal, though.

During our travels today we’ll see one of the newly constructed features of this area. It’s going to be a fun day out and about!

Come along and enjoy a mysteriously good day!