Tour Description

Spring Secrets

Discover our October Mystery

Cost: $119

It is really no surprise that the venue we are visiting is located where it is – it’s all in the name, in more ways than one!

We can tell you loud and clear, that it is not what this location is best known for. That particular item does not share the bright
colours which our venue is known for, but it still is quite beautiful in its own way and is of a very high quality. Both are essentially born from the same place and arguably both take a significant amount of effort to achieve the end result, although the efforts are of quite a different nature. We have no doubt that when you visit our venue, you will feel like you are somewhere else, but stay alert, you do need to be on the look out, there could be a surprise waiting around the corner!

Lunch is at an equally intriguing venue, with past stories of a coroner, a morgue, fixing hair and checking teeth, the latter two
on live bodies though!

Join us on this intriguing mystery to discover our October tour.