Tour Description

October Mystery Tour

Spring Surprises

Thursday 15th or Friday 30th October
Cost: $80

This is a slightly longer day, but we think you’ll like it! We have our picnic morning tea in a place that should be a small village, but has grown a great deal in recent times. We travel through gorgeous countryside on our way to a place which was spelled incorrectly, in a region that was spelled incorrectly, near a historic town that was established with great hope but isn’t there anymore. This place produces something that recently you could be fooled into thinking grows everywhere.

Our delicious lunch is at a place whose namesake existed before South Australia did, but was vital for our part of the world. In the afternoon we travel through more stunning countryside – you’ll love the scenery we get to enjoy. We expect to start set-downs in Encounter Bay at approximately 5pm, finishing in Goolwa around 5:40pm.

Pick-up locations and times for October:

  • 7:55am – Bus stop 4, Rosetta Village, Maude Street Encounter Bay
  • 8:00am – Bus stop 1, Stuart Street, Victor Harbor
  • 8:05am – Bus stop 7, Hayborough
  • 8:10am – Elliot Gardens, Montpelier Terrace Port Elliot
  • 8:20am – Bus stop 12, Middleton
  • 8:30am – Seachange Village, Gardiner Street Goolwa
  • 8:32am – Goolwa Caltex, Cadell Street Goolwa
  • 8:35am – Goolwa Stratco, Hutchinson Street, Goolwa

Important: please give us a call the day before the trip to confirm. The new health requirements mean we have some questions to ask, including getting your choice for lunch.