Tour Description

Spring Mystery Tour

Come along and be confused with us!

Cost: $104

Spring has sprung! The wattles are blooming, the air is warmer and the season is perfect for exploring the outdoors.

This month we’re looking to bring confusion to your day! Today it might sound like we’re heading somewhere that the water doesn’t flow, but we’re not. We’re visiting a little town that’s a little off the beaten track. It used to be by a major highway, but the traffic now bypasses the town. Fortunately, this town’s economy has been based on a different industry rather than the transport heading past, so it hasn’t unduly suffered.

The venue we’re visiting this morning might seem completely out of context – what does it have to do with its setting? But depending on how you look at it, you could also say that it is entirely appropriate. When we depart this venue, we must make a quick stop down the road. Here you might find some items that you might like to purchase. They’re some of the finest of their kind, at very reasonable prices.

Our lunch today is in a different town, one where they must like a drink. I’ve seen photos of the two storey pub here on a day when downstairs was absolutely full, and people were climbing in the top storey to get a beer! We shouldn’t have that much trouble today, though.

This afternoon we get to enjoy the superb countryside. The landscape looks wonderful in October, with lots of fresh, green growth. Come with us for a fabulous day of fun!