Tour Description

Mystery Day Tour

Fun, friends, scenery and great food

It’s back! The famous Endeavour Mystery Day Tour returns this September – a wonderful month to be out into the green around Adelaide. It’s a day of questions: will we go north, south, east or west; will we see hills and valleys, or plains and fields; how will the mystery unfold?

This morning we are travelling to the largest of its kind in SA! It’s so great, you’ll think Santa Claus has come! This place is perfect for people with a wide variety of interests – if you like being indoors or outdoors, you’ll find interest here. It’s also a fabulous place to do a little shopping, so you might be able to pick something up for a friend, for an early Christmas present, or just for yourself!

Our lunch today is not too far away, but it’s a world away from the busy-ness of Adelaide! It has recently had a big refurbishment and has new owners, and we’re really looking forward to bringing you to dine here! The town where it is located is probably best known for something that has the potential to make a huge amount of noise. We’ll go have a look, and you never know – it may be in full swing!

Wherever we end up we’re confident that you’ll have a great time, having fun with friendly people, enjoying the scenery and the freshness that is springtime around Adelaide!