Tour Description

September Mystery Tour

A day of discoveries and surprises.

Cost: $104

We love finding new and different places to visit, and it’s even better when we get to confuse everyone as well! So this month come with us to discover something new!

This morning we are heading in one of three directions (be assured we’re not going west). The town we’re visiting is
famous for how exciting it can be, but only on rare occasions.

The place we are travelling to is very old, but has a new use. It once competed with another of the same kind in this small town, until both venues were banned from doing what they were built to create! Rumours had it that mischief was afoot. Instead, they had to begin producing something that many would say was an anathema to their original purpose.

But that’s in the past. Today what is produced here you see every day and is all around us. It’s a beautiful place to wander around, and you may like to purchase something to take home.

Lunch is not far away, in a location whose beginning was rooted in great wealth, but despite much excitement it never lived up to the hype.

The afternoon will lead us through beautiful countryside, and we return to Adelaide refreshed by wonderful country views.