Tour Description

Victorian Silo Art Tour

(Combined Departure)
Four Days: 16th – 19th August 2024

Twin Share: $1729 per person. Sole Use: $1959 per person.

Included in the tour:
  • Home pick-ups & set downs (most metro areas – please contact us for details)
  • Picnic-style morning teas & all meals
  • All accommodation & admissions to all attractions
  • Experienced & informative tour driver/guide.


Embark on a journey across the heart of Australia’s renowned silo art trail. From the dynamic scenes at Eudunda to the intricate narratives at Werrimull, each mural unfolds a unique story of local heritage and communal spirit. This tour offers a rare opportunity to engage with the art and stories that shape these rural communities, against the backdrop of Australia’s sweeping landscapes. Enjoy the comfort of personalized travel and intimate encounters with the country’s artistic and natural beauty.


Day One – FRIDAY 16 AUGUST 2024

Our journey into the heart of Australia’s silo art trail commences with personalised chauffeur car pickups, ensuring a smooth and
comfortable start. Our first artistic encounter is at the Eudunda Silo Art, where vibrant murals paint the tales of local history and culture, setting a lively tone for the day.

As we continue, the Waikerie Silo Art unfolds its majestic artwork, each stroke telling stories of environmental consciousness and indigenous heritage, reflecting the community’s deep connection to the land.

Midday brings us to Renmark, where a delicious lunch awaits, offering a taste of local flavours and a moment to relax. Refreshed, we move on to the Paringa Silo Art, where the intricate designs and bold colours capture the essence of the region’s vibrant agricultural and riverine life.

Our artistic exploration leads us next to the unique Werrimull Mobile Silos Art, showcasing mobile masterpieces that travel beyond their  geographic confines, bringing art to diverse audiences.

As dusk approaches, we arrive at the Best Western Chaffey International Motor Inn, Mildura (Ph: 03 5023 5122). Here, we’ll unwind and enjoy dinner together.

Day Two – SATURDAY 17 AUGUST 2024

After a nourishing breakfast, we set out for a day immersed in the spectacular silo art of the Mallee region. Our first stop is the GrainCorp Silos at Walpeup, where the vivid murals celebrate local wildlife and agricultural heritage, each painting a unique story against the vast Australian sky.

Next, we travel to the GrainCorp Silos at Patchewollock, where the towering artworks pay homage to the enduring spirit of the area’s farmers, depicted through striking portraits that seem to watch over the land.

Continuing our artistic odyssey, we arrive at the GrainCorp Silos at Lascelles. Here, the silos serve as canvases for intimate portraits that capture the essence of rural life and community ties, blending personal stories with the landscape.

Our final silo visit of the day takes us to Sea Lake, where the silo art intertwines with the town’s connection to the nearby salt lakes, creating a breathtaking visual narrative that highlights natural beauty and local tales.

The day’s journey concludes as we check into the Swan Hill Resort (Ph: 03 5032 2726), where we can relax and freshen up before the evening’s highlight.

Tonight, we attend the captivating Legends of the Mallee Sound and Light Show, an immersive experience that brings the history and mythology of the region to life through stunning visuals and audio, providing a profound conclusion to a day rich in art and heritage.

Day Three – SUNDAY 18 AUGUST 2024

We begin our day with breakfast, ready to explore more of Victoria’s scenic and cultural gems. Our first destination is Lake Boga, a serene spot known for its role in WWII as a flying boat repair depot. Here, we delve into history at the Lake Boga Museum, which showcases artefacts and stories from its wartime past. This history is colourfly displayed on the local GrainCorp Silos that were recently completed in October 2023.

The journey continues as we marvel at the vibrant Nullawil Silo Art, where local figures are immortalized on these grand rural canvases, reflecting the community’s spirit.

Not far from here, the Brim Silo Art stands as a beacon of regional pride, depicting larger-than-life characters who symbolize the resilience of the farming community.

A pause in Warracknabeal for lunch allows us to enjoy local hospitality before we proceed to the Sheep Hills Silo Art, famous for its vivid Aboriginal motifs that celebrate the area’s indigenous culture. Our silo tour carries on to Rupanyup, where young sports enthusiasts are depicted in motion, celebrating the town’s vibrant youth culture.

Then, at Murtoa, not only do we witness the beautifully painted Murtoa Silo Art, but we also explore the architectural wonder of the Murtoa Stick Shed. This massive grain store, often referred to as the ‘Cathedral of the Wimmera’, is an iconic structure famed for its unique construction and historical significance.

As dusk falls, we arrive at the Grampians Motel, Halls Gap (Ph: 03 4320 0957). This comfortable and picturesque setting offers a peaceful retreat after a day rich in artistic discovery and historical exploration.

Day Four – MONDAY 19 AUGUST 2024

Our day commences with a hearty breakfast, setting us up for a day filled with art and scenic drives. Our first stop is the Goroke Silo Art, where the local flora and fauna are celebrated through stunning murals that capture the essence of the region’s natural beauty.

As we continue our journey, the Kaniva Silo Art offers another impressive display, showcasing vibrant artworks that tell the story of the community’s agricultural heritage and cultural life.

Midday brings us to Bordertown for lunch, where we can enjoy some local cuisine and stretch our legs in this charming border village. Postlunch, we head to Lameroo, to view its unique silo art, adding yet another layer to our appreciation of this distinctive form of rural expression.

Our final pause is at Tailem Bend, a perfect spot to reflect on the journey before we conclude our tour. As we arrive back in Adelaide, chauffeur cars await to take you comfortably home, bringing our memorable Silo Art journey to a close.