Tour Description

Winter Masterpieces – The Pharaoh

(Combined Departure)
Five Days: 4th – 8th August 2024

Twin Share: $2099 per person. Sole Use: $2439 per person.

Included in the tour:
  • Home pick-ups & set downs (most metro areas – please contact us for details)
  • Picnic-style morning teas & all meals
  • All accommodation & admissions to all attractions
  • Experienced & informative tour driver/guide.


Embark on a splendid journey that weaves art, history, and natural beauty into an unforgettable experience. Begin with the historic Overland train ride to Stawell, unlocking the door to Victoria’s cultural and scenic treasures. This tour highlights the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces at the National Gallery of Victoria, featuring the insightful Pharaoh exhibition – a deep dive into ancient Egyptian art and culture. Explore the rugged landscapes of the Grampians, delve into the gold rush era in charming Victorian towns, and savor the coastal allure of Sorrento. Each day is filled with new discoveries & scenic marvels.

Day One – SUNDAY 4 AUGUST 2024

Our adventure begins from the comfort of your own home, where chauffeur-driven cars will ensure you start your journey with ease. We’ll convene at Keswick Train Station, where an Endeavour Tours representative will be ready to assist. Here, we board the iconic Overland train, a classic rail journey that has connected Adelaide to Melbourne through Stawell for over 130 years. As we travel, relish the changing landscapes from bustling cityscapes to tranquil pastoral lands, a preview of the natural splendour that awaits us.

Upon arrival in Stawell, our dedicated Endeavour Tours driver will greet us, ready to guide us on the next leg of our journey. We’ll drive to our accommodation in Halls Gap, nestled in the vibrant heart of the Grampians National Park. This picturesque drive into the mountains will gradually reveal the rugged cliffs and wild forests that make the Grampians a haven for nature lovers.

Our first evening will culminate at the Grampians Motel (Ph: 03 4320 0957), where we’ll enjoy a welcome dinner together. This charming motel, set against a backdrop of majestic landscapes, offers the perfect setting to unwind and enjoy the company of fellow travellers, setting the stage for the exciting days ahead.

Day Two – MONDAY 5 AUGUST 2024

After a restful night, our morning begins with a hearty breakfast, preparing us for a day filled with history, culture, and scenic beauty. Our first leg takes us to Maryborough, a charming town where we’ll enjoy a relaxing morning tea, experiencing the warm hospitality that regional Victoria is known for.

Refreshed, we continue our journey to Castlemaine, a town steeped in the gold rush history of the 1850s. Here, we visit the enchanting Buda Historic Home and Garden, a significant heritage site that offers a glimpse into the opulent era of Australia’s gold rush with its preserved Victorian-era decor and lush gardens. After exploring, we’ll enjoy lunch in one of Castlemaine’s delightful local eateries.

Our afternoon is dedicated to further exploration as we drive to Kyneton, a town famous for its well-preserved historic architecture. We visit the Kyneton Museum, where local artefacts and stories bring to life the rich tapestry of this area’s past.

Next, we journey to the iconic Hanging Rock Reserve, known for its unique geological formations and the setting of the famous novel and film, “Picnic at Hanging Rock”. This mysterious site provides a peaceful setting to connect with nature and delve into local lore.

As the day winds down, we travel to Dandenong, where we check into the Atura Dandenong (Ph: 03 9771 6000). This modern hotel offers comfortable accommodation where we can relax before gathering for dinner in the hotel restaurant, reflecting on the day’s adventures and preparing for tomorrow’s discoveries.

Day Three – TUESDAY 6 AUGUST 2024

Our day begins with a delicious breakfast, setting the stage for a day immersed in natural and artistic beauty. Our first destination is the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, part of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Here, we embark on a self-guided tour that showcases the stunning diversity of Australian flora. These gardens are renowned for their beautifully landscaped settings that reflect the country’s rich plant life.

Following our exploration, we’ll enjoy morning tea amidst the tranquil surroundings of the gardens, a perfect setting to relax and connect with nature.

We then head to the heart of Melbourne for lunch at the Gallery Kitchen at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). This elegant setting offers a delightful experience, providing us with a chance to refresh before diving into the cultural offerings of the gallery.

In the afternoon, we’re treated to an introductory talk and a self-guided tour of the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition at the NGV, focusing this year on the Pharaoh exhibition. This prestigious event promises an insightful look into ancient Egyptian art and artifacts, enriching our understanding of this fascinating civilization. The exhibition features a remarkable collection of artifacts, sculptures, and jewellery that tell the stories of Egypt’s legendary rulers and their quests for immortality. It provides a unique glimpse into the rituals, architectural achievements and daily practices of ancient Egypt.

After a day rich with cultural and botanical experiences, we return to our accommodation at the Atura Dandenong. The evening concludes with a delicious dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, where we can share stories of our day’s adventures and prepare for another day of exploration.

Day Four – WEDNESDAY 7 AUGUST 2024

The day begins with breakfast, where we fuel up for an exciting journey ahead. Our first destination is the charming coastal town of Sorrento, where we enjoy morning tea amidst its scenic beauty, soaking in the tranquil atmosphere of this seaside escape.

From Sorrento, we embark on a picturesque ferry ride across to Queenscliffe aboard Searoad Ferries. The ferry journey offers stunning views of the coastline and is a perfect moment to capture some memorable photos.

Upon arrival in Queenscliffe, we indulge in a delightful lunch at a local eatery.

Post-lunch, our adventure continues with a visit to the Queenscliffe Maritime Museum, where we delve into the rich maritime heritage of the area. This museum offers fascinating insights into the town’s historical significance in maritime navigation and defense.

After absorbing the history of Queenscliffe, we take a leisurely drive around Geelong, making a comfort stop en-route to appreciate the local scenery and stretch our legs.

Our day concludes as we arrive in Hamilton, where we check into the Comfort Inn Botanical (Ph: 03 5572 4533). Here, we gather for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, sharing stories of the day’s experiences and enjoying the hospitality of our hosts.

This evening provides a perfect ending to a day filled with coastal charm, historical exploration, and scenic drives. We retire to our rooms, looking forward to our final day on tour.

Day Five – THURSDAY 8 AUGUST 2024

The last day of our adventure begins with a hearty breakfast, preparing us for the journey back to Adelaide. With hearts full of memories, we bid farewell to Hamilton, crossing the border into South Australia and travelling towards Penola, where we pause for morning tea.

Continuing our return, we stop at the Keith Hotel, where we enjoy our two-course hot lunch.

Post-lunch, we make a comfort stop at Tailem Bend, a town with scenic views over the Murray River.

As we drive back to Adelaide, we reflect on the highlights of our trip, from the artistic revelations of the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces to the serene landscapes and historical insights of Queenscliffe.

Upon arrival in Adelaide, we complete our setdowns and are chauffeured home, carrying with us not just souvenirs but also stories to cherish.